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Reinventing the Way You Experience
Your Quest for Beauty

by Dr. Diyanah Bani Hani, MD

Years ago I was working as the medical director of a MedSpa in central Florida. I had a patient come to see me with her daughter, because they were both getting ready for her granddaughter's wedding. During my consultations, I always share the true purpose of whatever treatment options we discuss - to help you to feel beautiful and boost your confidence so that you can show up in the world as the best version of yourself.

My patient responded without emotion, “I don’t have any confidence left… that left me a long time ago and I don’t think it’s ever coming back.”

I really felt that statement deeply, yet I was sure that I could offer something that would help bring back some of the confidence that she had years ago. After a thorough consultation, we came up with a very simple treatment plan based on her beauty goals: A Botox session and a
conservative amount of dermal filler. The result surprised even me.

When my patient returned 2 weeks later, I kid you not when I say that she was a completely different person. She STRUTTED into our office, with her husband in tow, head held high and with a new kind of swagger. She said that she felt so good about her new look that she went to
the hair and nail salon so that the rest of her would look as gorgeous as her face. Her husband had also noticed the difference in her and voiced his own deep appreciation for the gift that we had given. This is the power of aesthetic medicine.

In a time where the media is riddled with images of celebrities with overdone and overfilled faces, it’s easy to feel nervous about cosmetic treatments. However, I can assure you, those celebrities that seem to never age… they simply don’t talk about what treatments they’ve

My passion (and somewhat obsession) with helping my patients to enhance their confidence is the reason that I opened Lamese Laser and Aesthetics. We specialize in skin treatments and skincare to treat a variety of conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne,
scarring and bumpy, textured skin, to name a few.

We live in an exciting time where there is technology available that quite literally reverses the aging process. With energy treatments such as Forever Young BBL® Hero™ and Halo® Laser, you can get results that are not possible even with invasive options such as plastic surgery. We
offer services utilizing the most innovative technology to achieve the best results, every time.

Our investment in an array of the latest technology, combined with our personalized consultative approach as well as our medical expertise, sets Lamese apart as a partner in your journey to optimal aesthetic results and renewed self-confidence.

Keep an eye out for the August issue of SEEN magazine to learn more about treatments available today to erase sun damage and reverse the aging process!

Dr. Diyanah Bani Hani is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who is fellowship trained in Anti-Aging medicine. You can book a consultation with her at her Rochester Hills office by calling (248) 266-1279 or visiting the Lamese website at www.lameselaser.com.

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